The F Word is Fun

Fundamentally fragile Friendships fell flat Fighting for freedom Facing facts Forgetting felons forgiving pardons Fuck messed up Fantastic flowers flowing from free home  Flags fly from Flagstaff to Flint Faucets filled fixed from fear Fevers flu Formaldehyde Fumes feeling feverish  Facing fears  feedback from friends Figuring frogs frolic from lily pads Fuck fucked up again Forever from figures Flipping fingers Fornication sign language Fuck I quit Continue reading The F Word is Fun

Angels, Demons, And the Polar Opposites

Sun and Moon Right and Left Aren’t you looking for depth  I feel I’m running from Death  Or at least disease and ruin To only realize everything is in ruin Remember when that 1776 document meant so much that we fought everyone to keep it relevant. Now we turn on the cellphone  To only be reminded that we made America hate. How ironic the moment … Continue reading Angels, Demons, And the Polar Opposites