The Bitter Truthful Burn of Campari

By any other name, I’m a masculine being With very feminine yearning for the touch of seduction Girls don’t seduce they deduce and and force you to produce evidence for your innocents But I’m guilty lady Justice  Guilty of feeling like Friendship is borderline personally dumb Hey is it allowed to think outside the box  While I make rendezvous of booze in the city where … Continue reading The Bitter Truthful Burn of Campari

The F Word is Fun

Fundamentally fragile Friendships fell flat Fighting for freedom Facing facts Forgetting felons forgiving pardons Fuck messed up Fantastic flowers flowing from free home  Flags fly from Flagstaff to Flint Faucets filled fixed from fear Fevers flu Formaldehyde Fumes feeling feverish  Facing fears  feedback from friends Figuring frogs frolic from lily pads Fuck fucked up again Forever from figures Flipping fingers Fornication sign language Fuck I quit Continue reading The F Word is Fun