When A Pen Pins Your Shoulders 

There’s more to this than just the words 

Surpressed feelings sucked down like the 24 case of coke zero.

I got 6 dollars in my pocket

No shit dead ass

Flustered by the appeal of big hair and melanin

Gets me every time 

Except that one time I fell for the Colombian that said she loved my poems

It was a lie 

Guess she surpressed her emotions

To unravel my weakness

A big butt and a ego boost

I’m still a dumb dumb 12 years later 

I’m still fighting up hill

Selling my thoughts for nickels

And wrestling tickets for twenties 

Then stretching those twenties 

Like the rubber band that a rubber band man has

I got hair ties in my man bun

I got blue eyes

And a lot of thoughts 

I got feelings too


Buried like a 08 independent 

It’s last call 

The bad hombres are leaving 

And I’m just getting drunk


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