Like Father Like Son

Dust the barrell on the front porch

Twist the lid from ice cold mountain dew

To chase the suds of warm domestic brew

Stare at the clouds and try to absolve yourself from the guilt

Cd player on repeat 

Feeling alone

Feeling down and out

Pick up a few shells to put in the revolver 

Throw the empty beer bottle into the grass

Fire a shot

Watch the bullet zoom through the glass 

Music is louder now 

Replace the bullet

Spin the cylinder 

Hands tremble 

What will anyone remember

Convince yourself your brave 

Take out a loose leaf piece of paper

Find an old pencil 

Tell your mother your sorry

Stare into the barrel 

Fight the tears and the angst

Yell into clouds scream rage 

Shaking more now 

Fear or relief

No more hurt

Crumple the paper

Think about the future

Try to look back at the past

Memories faded into the madness that is your brain

Maybe you’re delusional right now

Maybe you’re finally understanding God

Light one last cigarette 

Let the smoke roll out of your lungs

Pull the hammer


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